Book Repair and Kits

Reliable sources for book repair kits and tools is essential for serious internet booksellers.

All booksellers accidentally buy books with unnoticed defects. You can mitigate those errors by correcting minor damage.

When defects are more serious you should seek help from a professional. Otherwise, you can enhance the value of some books and save money too by doing small repairs yourself.

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Bookmakers, Inc. - An excellent source for the finest tools and supplies for book and paper conservation, hand bookbinding and the book arts.

Brodart Co. - Libraries across the United States turn to Brodart for everything from shelf-ready books to electronic ordering systems, high quality furniture, and supplies.

Gaylord Bros. - A supplier of library supplies, furniture and archival solutions since 1896.

SicPress - They carry books, video's, and supplies. Check out their online catalog.

University Products Archival - Suppliers to most of the world’s prodigious archival institutions this company carries a vast array of repair supplies and kits online as well as in a printed catalog.

Vernon Library Supplies - They provide quality library supplies at competitive prices.

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