Amazon needs to have our backs.....

by Katrina

Reader’s Original Comment:

April 21, 2014

Amazon for the most part has done a very good job for me. I feel privileged to sell on Amazon at $39.99 a month. I am a small time seller compared to most. However, I feel I do well for myself.

The comment I wanted to make is that I am seeing so many scammers and Amazon does nothing about it. It's almost like we as third party sellers are on our own. The only protection is to READ THE DAILY FORUMS and send costly books with signature confirmation. I have to admit I absolutely read Joe's book about 50x if not more. It helped me so much and continues to help me. I plan on buying the new book ASAP when it comes out.

I just feel Amazon needs to put in place a better step-by-step process BEFORE buyers can leave negative feedback or file an A-Z claim. I personally have not had one filed. But I also know about Murphy’s Law. So, I hope I have added some thing positive for people just starting out.


EFW Productions

My Response:

April 27, 2014

Hello Katrina;

I know exactly what you mean and I feel your frustration. Although the likelihood of a buyer scamming you is very remote, it’s still a possibility. That’s why I made the recommendations that I made in my book Internet Bookselling Made Easy! about putting identifying marks in expensive books when they can’t be easily found.

However, your suggestion to specifically ask for signature verification when you sell old books that are valuable is an excellent one that should be considered by all booksellers who handle higher end merchandise. I truly appreciate your contribution to the website with your recommendation.

Before I go I’d like to point out that whenever you have questions about your business, you can always join my Internet Bookseller’s Forum by going to the Forum Guidelines page and getting yourself a FREE MEMBERSHIP.

You'll get a great deal of wonderful advice from me and other experienced booksellers to help you grow your business and make it more profitable. Make sure you sign up today and introduce yourself to everyone!

Joe Waynick
Bookseller, Author, Mentor

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