Advanced Internet
Bookselling Techniques: 
How to Take Your Home-Based Used Books Business
to the Next Level 

Advanced Internet Bookselling Techniques

Are you ready to create an advanced bookselling operation by growing your part-time, home-based Internet bookselling business into a full-time commercial company?

If so, then this book is for you! Here's where you'll discover everything you need to know about scaling your bookselling operation into a thriving enterprise while avoiding the pitfalls of expanding a business.

If your ambition is to become a mega-bookseller but you don't know how, then you need to listen to someone who did it and is now willing to make his closely guarded advanced bookselling secrets public! You won't find a more comprehensive source of information about running a large-scale bookselling business anywhere.

This book contains highly sensitive information that the "big players” don't want you to know. They'd love nothing better than to shut me down. That's because inside this explosive book you'll learn how to:

    Maximize your FBA profits!
    Buy bulk shipments from thrift stores!
    Safely purchase book remainders nearly risk free!
    Deploy collection bins for book donations!
    Use acquisitions to take over weaker competitors!
    Buy-out library sale overstocks!
    Create eBay auctions the proper way to double profits!
    Lease a warehouse so you don't lose your shirt!
    How to buy new books wholesale!
    Set-up a workflow capable of processing 30,000 books monthly!
    Hire the best workers on the market!
    Choose intelligent book seller software for online sellers
    that squeezes every penny of profit from your inventory!

Plus much, much, more! This book exposes the kind of information that bulk book buyers only discuss behind closed doors and in hushed whispers.

Believe me when I say the mega-sellers aren't happy about having their most cherished advanced bookselling secrets exposed. I reveal every trick of the trade that's necessary to run a world-class large-scale bookselling operation.

Furthermore, you'll be astonished to learn how much money you can make selling used books online this way compared to book scouting and buying and selling books with a bar code scanner alone.

Why Make Such Sensitive Information Public?

In these tough economic times everyone benefits when people are taught how to create wealth—real wealth built through hard work and traditional values such as running your own online bookselling business.

Being in control of your own personal and financial destiny gives you power as an individual. That means not having to depend on government handouts and other forms of charity to survive. That's good for your family, your community, and the entire economy. Why should wealth building knowledge be limited to a few lucky "insiders?"

You shouldn't ask, "Why make this information public?" That's the kind of question that originates from self-doubt, negative influences, and the misinformation that's released about advanced bookselling methods. The people at the top keep those fears alive to protect "their turf." They simply don't want you to know how to sell books online for a profit on a large scale.

The more important question to ask is, "Why keep this information secret?!" Is it really that big of a stretch to believe that someone genuinely wants to help others?

You'll see why mega-sellers who are buying books wholesale want to keep these powerful business secrets all for themselves…to dominate and control their markets and generate huge profits…while you and everyone else struggle just to make ends meet. It's not fair, and that's why I decided to do something about it.

Advanced Bookselling Is Within Your Grasp

I'll teach you how to expand your home-based used book business and become a mega-seller yourself! You'll actually learn how to sell used books the same way as large scale booksellers and you'll clearly see how much profit they really make!

The playing field has been leveled. You now have all the information you need to build a huge advanced bookselling business capable of making money online at your fingertips. Nothing is held back. Every trick of the trade and closely guarded secret I know is laid bare for the average man or woman to adopt and make their own.

Imagine having a business model so effective you can operate in any market and easily start building the company of your dreams. Before Advanced Internet Bookselling Techniques was published, you didn't have a blueprint. Now you do!

Order Your Copy Today—Don't Wait!

Get a copy of this ground-breaking money-making book today and you'll also receive these valuable additional benefits:

  • FREE members-only Discussion Forum
  • FREE online business consultation (normally $150/hr.)
  • FREE downloads of reports, business spreadsheets
  • FREE blog
  • FREE newsletter subscription

Publication Date: November 2014 by Small Business Press, LLC. This book contains 100,000+ words, 300+ pages with illustrations, photo's, charts, tables, reports, bulleted lists and more.

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