August 2011 Blog Posts

Aug 2, Post Office Closings
Post Office closings have been announced in response to looming federal budget cuts and declining mail volume. The USPS has decided to close more than 3,600 “unprofitable” post office branches and...

Aug 6, Sell Old Books
A unique home-based business for would-be entrepreneurs is to sell old books online to collectors and bibliophiles around the world.

Aug 16, Print On Demand
Many Internet booksellers have asked me how print on demand (POD) services will affect the online book market. What they don’t know is that POD is the best thing for Internet bookselling since...

Aug 16, Introducing The Espresso Book Machine
Just when you thought it was safe to scout, the Espresso Book Machine (EBM) throws the bookselling industry for a loop.

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