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Internet Bookselling News & Views, Issue #11 - Holiday Challenges
December 26, 2012

December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

This holiday season has been a tough time for me personally. Hence, the lag in getting the newsletter out consistently.

First, I spent two weeks in North Carolina caring for my older brother who had a serious eye operation. He's expected to recover soon, but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.

No sooner did I return home, I had to rush off to Nevada to pick up my young granddaughter to spend the next two weeks with me until school restarts on January 7th.

So there hasn't been a whole lot of time for me to write.

On the other hand, I've managed to pick up a few really good guest writers who will intermittently contribute to the Internet Bookselling Blog.

That's great news.

It's always good to have differing perspectives about any industry. Bookselling is no exception.

Now that I'm back on track I hope you enjoy this week's postings and that you'll post comments of your own at the end of each article.

As always, your feedback is important to me for the continued success of this newsletter, my website, and the InternetBookselling Blog website.

Good hunting.


Nov 27, 2012
FBA supporter

Hi Joe, Having just sent in my first few boxes to FBA, I am glad to see the happy ending to your article supporting this venue.

To read the full blog post click here: A Reader Comments About FBA

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Nov 30, 2012
A Sales Tax Calculator for Booksellers

Business owners need a sales tax calculator that is so simple it can be used to comply with the small business tax laws of every state.

To read the full blog post click here: Sales Tax Calculator

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Dec 17, 2012
Cheap Bubble Mailer Envelopes for Booksellers

Finding inexpensive bubble mailer envelopes is critical to the profitability of your Internet bookselling business. If you're selling used books online you already know that profit margins are thin…

To read the full blog post click here: Bubble Mailers

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Dec 23, 2012
Operating an Amazon Book Store For Profit

To earn a living with an Amazon book store you either need scale or quality. But ideally, over time you can build both and own your own highly profitable online bookselling business.

To read the full blog post click here: Amazon Book Store

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Dec 24, 2012
International Package Shipping: How To Ensure Your Parcel Is Safely Transported

International package shipping intimidates many online sellers. Sending a package to the other side of the world can seem like quite a daunting affair if you have never done it before.

To read the full blog post click here: International Shipping

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Dec 25, 2012
Where to Find Affordable and Free Books to Read

Many of us love cheap and free books to read. But with the economy the way it is these days and with so many of us feeling as though we have no choice…

To read the full blog post click here: Cheap and Free Books to Read

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