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Internet Bookselling News & Views, Issue #006 - Retail Arbitrage
October 30, 2012

October 28, 2012

Mailing Glitch!

For some reason, the newsletter didn't go out as scheduled this past Sunday. I'm not sure what happened to the programmed schedule, but I'll look into it and make sure it doesn't happen again.

I've had an interesting discussion with a couple of members of the Internet Booksellers Forum about "retail arbitrage."

For those of you who are unfamiliar with retail arbitrage, it similar to book scouting except that instead of hunting for valuable book, you're looking for sales, closeouts, and going out of business specials on any consumer product that can be resold online.

This opens up a whole new market of products for you to sell, from power tools, to cleaning products, cloths, ornaments, toys, you name it.

You can learn about retail arbitrage by reading the book, Retail Arbitrage: The Blueprint for Buying Retail Products to Resell Online, by Chris green.

You can find it in my book store by clicking this link.

You may or may not find this method of scouting suitable for you. But there are many entrepreneurs making a good living doing it. Check it out through the links provided above and you may find a surprisingly good economic fit.

Good hunting.


Oct 21, 2012
Most Profitable Online Businesses Don't Have Margins Like Booksellers

One of the most profitable online businesses I know is reselling inventory from well-stocked used book sales. Consequently, I've never met a book sale I didn't like. And this week of book scouting…

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Oct 24, 2012
Selling Cheap Used Books Online for Huge Profits!

When we buy cheap used books online or in a store, it's often to widen our minds and grow as human beings. While this reason is a great one, it's not the only one. If you want to increase your bank…

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12 Stats on the State of Bookstores in America Today
Over the past few decades there has been a lot of speculation about the demise of the American bookstore and some of it may not be entirely unfounded.

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Random House and Penguin merge to take on Amazon, Apple
Britain's Pearson and Germany's Bertelsmann plan to merge their publishers Penguin and Random House, aiming to gain the upper hand in their relationship with Amazon and Apple, the leaders in the ebook revolution. Education and ...

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Amazon wipes user's Kindle and reminds us we license, don't own digital content
Those who remember the 2009 incident when deleted a number of George Orwell books from Kindles, sans warning, might find this new incident not just reminiscent, but Orwellian. customer Linn Jordet Nygaard has had her...

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Amazon Deleted Norwegian Woman's Kindle Content Raising ...
For a woman who travels a lot, you might imagine the convenience of having an e-reader to store a wealth of books while taking up minimal space in one's carry on. Linn was just this sort of woman. Now imagine her surprise when she got a ...

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Resale bookshops try to keep personal touch
In a world where e-books seem to grab all the media attention, local resale bookshops say buying and selling used books is still a viable business model.

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