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Internet Bookselling News & Views, Issue #002 - The Weekly Schedule Begins!
September 30, 2012
Hello Again!

Our newsletter made its maiden voyage on September 25, 2012. This is issue #002 and it's the first issue to being published on its regular weekly Sunday morning schedule.

So far so good!

Now that we're on a weekly schedule, you'll see much more information, newsworthy announcements, and commentary by me. After all, it's been less than five days since we premièred. In the future I'll have a whole week to put together a snappy eZine.

One of the most frequently asked questions by beginners is about how to remove unwanted odors from books. It's a great question, and an important one! I wrote a pretty detailed article last week to cover the subject in great detail.

So without further delay, lets get on with this weeks news…


Sep 28, 2012
How to Remove Book Odors

Few things turn customers off more than smelly book odors.

I recently purchased several boxes of books from an off-site estate sale and learned first-hand how repugnant it can be.

Apparently, the previous owner was a heavy smoker and her books reeked of cigarette.

To read the full blog post click here: Book Odors


Sep 30, 2012
Sell College Text Books Online For Cash

When you sell college text books online you discover one of those rare opportunities in life where you find a way to make extra income while helping others save money.

Most college students have extremely limited income so they are always looking for ways to cut expenses and save money for tuition fees.

To read the full blog post click here: Sell College Text Books


The Digital Ups and Downs of UK Independent Bookselling Is digital publishing killing the print book market? Here's a great article discussing how our British cousins are dealing with the threat.

For more information click here: The British Are Coming!

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