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Internet Bookselling News & Views, Issue #001
September 25, 2012

Putting together a newsletter is hard. Much harder than I thought it would be. Nevertheless, here we are with our first issue ready to go!

Each week I'm going to not only bring you the best summaries of my bookselling blog, but I'll also include valuable information about selling even more books online that doesn't even appear on my website.

So without further delay, lets jump right into my most recent posts:


Finding Cheap Used Textbooks and Selling Them on Amazon

Buying and selling cheap used textbooks can be a lucrative way for college students to earn extra money.

There are many low paying, entry level jobs in college towns but most of them still require set hours that don't always work with class schedules.

In addition, once a semester starts most of the flexible part-time jobs are scarce, taken by fellow students in need of employment. I’m not talking about starting a full-time endeavor…

To read the full blog post click here: Finding Cheap Used Textbooks


Cheap Used Books For Sale

The challenge of finding cheap used books for sale every single day is faced by all Internet booksellers.

Without fresh inventory to list online for sale on a continuous basis, sales dry up pretty quickly. That's not a good thing when you've got bills to pay.

But just where do these books come from?...

To read the full blog post click here: Cheap Used Books For Sale


A Readers' Question About Book Scouting

How long do you spend at each scouting location? I am just curious as to other fellow scouter's scanning habits.

I spend quite a bit longer than the average person when I scan books. I am verrrry thorough.

Can you give some examples at how long it takes you at different types of locations?...

To read the full blog post click here: Question About Book Scouting


Don't miss S.C.O.E. 2012 starting Friday, September 28, 2012. It's THE online selling event of the year for online entrepreneurs of all kinds.

For more information click here: SCOE 2012


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